Montag, 25. April 2011

Todays Outfit / 25042011

Shirt, Cardi - Hollister
Jeans - Zara
Belt - Burberry
Loafers - River Island
Puse - Vintage Coach
Shades - Ray Ban


SayQueen hat gesagt…

hey Tammy thx for passing by! I love this outfit! Just one advise: it woul be better if you could post your photos bigger just to see better your outfits :)

wow I have realized that you have a link here to make animations with photos! that's great!!!!

I hope you don't get upset with my advice :)

Regaaaards blondie!

Tammy hat gesagt…

Thanks :) No don't worry..I'm glad for every advice. :)
But you could just klick on the picture to see it in a bigger format.